How to Calculate UPSC Prelim Marks With Negative Marking.

In This post We Will see, How To calculate/Count UPSC Prelim Marks? and What is negative marking in upsc prelims examination. so in UPSC civil services prelims examinations we have two papers namely paper 1 and paper 2 and both have the ⅓ negative marking system. but difference is that in paper 1, the one question is for 2 marks and in paper 2 we have one question is for 2.5 marks. so, there is a little bit difference in the marks calculation.

how to calculate upsc prelim marks and is there negative marking in upsc prelims
How To Count UPSC Prelim Marks

so, now we will see how to calculate the UPSC civil services preliminary examinations marks.

first of all you should know these two things about paper 1 and Paper 2 negative marking.

  1. paper 1 negative marking (1/3) is  for each wrong answer you will get penalty of 0.66 marks.
  2. paper 2 negative marking (1/3) is  for each wrong answer you will get penalty of 0.82 marks.
  3. In Paper 2 You won’t get any penalty/negative marking for Decision Making Questions (if UPSC will Ask it again. because, upsc is now not asking it)
  4. There will be No Negative Marking For Unsolved Questions.
  5. Paper 1 and Paper 2 both are compulsory but Paper 2 is Qualifying in Nature.(You have to score only 33% Marks In Paper 2)
  6. Only Paper 1’s Marks Will Be considered for Cut Off.

For example, in paper 1 you got 70 right answers and 10 wrong answers and in paper 2 you got 35 right answers and 7 wrong answers.

Paper 1 Marks :

Rights Answers : 70 x 2 = 140 Marks

Wrong Answers : 10 x 0.66 = 6.6 Marks

Your Score : 140 – 6.6 = 133.4 Marks

So, Your Score for Paper 1 is 133.4 Marks

Paper 2 Marks :

Rights Answers : 35 x 2.5 = 87.5 Marks

Wrong Answers : 7 x 0.82 = 5.74 Marks

Your Score : 87.5 – 5.74 = 81.76 Marks

So, Your Score for Paper 1 is 81.76 Marks

In this way you can calculate your UPSC civil services preliminary examination marks. as you can see that in a paper 2 there are 81.76 Marks Which are Higher than the Qualifying Marks so, your paper 1 marks are eligible for Cut off Ranking/Calculation. Compulsion is that you have to Score minimum 33% marks in paper 2 otherwise simply you will be disqualified in prelim even you get 200 marks in paper 1.

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